In the United States explained the absence of Russian “invisible” fighters


Photo: Vladimir Sergeev / RIA Novosti

Russia is able to develop aircraft using modern stealth technology, but it has no equipment for mass production, says The National Interest.

“The Russians that in the post-Soviet period relied on imported industrial tools, primarily from Europe, just don’t have high-precision manufacturing capabilities for mass production of stealth aircraft,” — said the American magazine.

The publication notes that in the Assembly of the F-22 Raptor allowed the gap between the surfaces of the housing of no more than 0.0001 inches (0,000254 cm), and the requirements for the F-35 Lightning II was even higher.

“The main problem with the invisibility of the su-57 is a serious problem with the airframe PAK FA”, — concludes The National Interest.

The publication refers to the publication Business Insider, which asked an expert on the condition of anonymity to comment on the possibility of the su-57, 9 may 2018 participated in the Victory parade. The expert said that the Russian fighter of the fifth generation, in contrast to the American F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II, large seams and sharp edges. In his opinion, “Russia has no processing technology for the production of such a surface”, and the country is “not seriously trying to make stealth aircraft”. Instead, the expert noted, the su-57 have relied on maneuverability and entanglement of the sensors of the enemy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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