In the United States recognized Russia’s leadership in the development of unmanned tanks


Screenshot: the Zvezda TV channel / YouTube

Russia took the leading position in the development of ground-based unmanned combat vehicles. This is the conclusion reached by the publication The National Interest once in Moscow indirectly confirmed the involvement of a complex intelligence and fire support units on the battlefield “U-9” operations in Syria.

Test “U-9” was supposed to attract more attention by all major Russian media, said the publication of analyst of the Center for naval analysis and the US (Center for Naval Analyses, CNA) Samuel Bendett. However, he admitted the lack of news about this machine, unlike the complex robotic demining “u-6”, a high level of secrecy.

“Unmanned aerial vehicles are widely used in conflicts around the world, however, land-based robotic machines in the mass remain in the testing stage. “U-9″ marks a significant step forward”, — the newspaper notes.

On may 8, the Russian defense Ministry posted a video showing the capabilities of the “u-6”. In the 47-second clip shows the operation of the complex in different conditions. 6 may the TV channel “Zvezda” released footage of tests of “Uran-9” equipped with anti-tank guided missiles “Attack”, 30-mm 2A72 automatic gun and 7.62-mm machine gun PKT.

On March 21 Bendett transferred at the disposal of the Russian military ground robots, noting that “while there are few concrete hints on the timing of when such cars will begin to actively service”. In 2017, he pointed out the superiority of the US in developing unmanned aerial vehicles.

For the first time, “Uranium-6” and “U-9” was presented to the public during the parade on red square on Victory Day may 9.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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