Italian drug dealer calculated on a t-shirt that says “drug dealer”


Photo: Carabinieri a Brindisi

In the Italian city of Brindisi arrested a drug dealer in a t-shirt with the inscription Pusher (“dealer”). This was reported by the newspaper Il Giornale.

The carabinieri drew attention to the inscription and the restless behavior of the man and searched his Alfa Romeo 147, which smelled strongly of hashish. In the trunk they found a thermos, which lay 350 grams of marijuana and 130 grams of hashish, packaged in 19 in small packages.

In addition, in the cabin the police found a small electronic scale, and in the pockets of the detained — about 130 Euro bills of different denominations and thousands of small cellophane bags with sealed closure.

Also the detainee was not a driver’s license as he never received. Unknown, and were 33-the summer man t-shirt as a joke, or with its help, it attracted new customers.

At the end of March reported the arrest of a young Brazilian with the tattoos “I am a thief and an idiot” on your forehead for stealing in the supermarket. He tried to steal five cans of deodorant.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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