Legless pensioner climbed Everest


Xia Biofoto: gearjunkie.com

An elderly Chinese man has become the first disabled person with two amputated legs who conquered Everest. It is reported by the China Plus.

Monday, may 14, 70-year-old Xia Boyu made the ascent from the Nepalese side. Lost both legs due to frostbite during the first attempt to reach the summit, the pensioner did not despair and started of even being disabled.

Camping Boil climbed the mountain the next day after the team fixed ropes on the route. So he set a record by becoming the first man to climbed mount Everest from the Eastern side without both limbs.

The disabled person has received permission to climb from the government of Nepal after the Supreme court allowed the visually impaired tourists and people with two amputations to rise above 6,500 feet.

In March, a man with a disability from Australia conquered the Everest, despite the broken wheelchair. Scott Doolan rose to a height of 5364 meters above sea level in 10 days. On the seventh day of the March from his wheelchair lost a wheel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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