Loss of leg helped the player “Who wants to be a millionaire?” to get rich


Gareth Kandalkar: ITV / YouTube

Party disabled British version of the program “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Gareth Kendall (Gareth Kendall) asked a question to which the answer was the name of the place where he lost his leg. About it reports Sky News.

At the 12th stage the Kendall asked, on the shore of the lake there are some ruins of the medieval Urquhart castle. After that appears, answer the man said, “I know that, because that’s where I lost my leg”. Hall reacted to the phrase disabled person, as soon as he heard the surprised exclamations from the Studio.

The player described details of the castle and gave the correct answer — Loch ness. Because of this, he earned a sum in amount of 125 thousand pounds sterling (about 10.5 million).

The show’s host Jeremy Clarkson said that the show was “the best ever”. According to him, the man is incredibly lucky.

Later it turned out that Kendall lost a leg in a car accident in may 2012. He travelled together with his wife, and they had an accident on the way to Inverness is a Scottish city that is located 21 km away from Urquhart castle. Man I remember this place, because before the accident, planned to visit these ruins.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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