Moscow taxi driver tried to rape her “Miss breast of Belorussia”


Olga Iacovetta: page Olga Zhukova in “Vkontakte”

Moscow taxi driver tried to rape the Belarusian singer Olga Zhukov. She told “Fifth channel” on Monday, may 14.

The incident occurred after the performance artist in the Moscow club Dorffman, where he celebrated the birthday of a friend Zhukova. “My friend, the singer Pierre Narcisse, took me to a taxi. Stopped the first taxi and paid the road, planted me and told me to drive safe and sound,” said the victim.

According to Zhukova, during the trip the taxi driver tried to have sex with her. “He started coming on to me, to covet. I gave back and in return got kicked in the face, he pulled me out of the car by the hair and began kicking him in the face, in the nose. I have gushed blood from the nose; I couldn’t calm down, I became hysterical. Then it turns out, I was thrown and left with my things, my bag and phone,” said the singer.

“He tried to rape me, in response I also gave him a little bit. I hung him too! I’m not a sucker of some sort, Yes? I also gave him back. In the end I arrived and everything in the world,” said Zhukov. She added that after the incident called the police.

As indicated in Instagram Zhukova, she is a winner of the title “Miss breast of Belorussia”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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