Named the most unusual hotel services


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A list of the strangest services that can provide staff for free or for additional money. This writes the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR).

First on the list was a Belgian hotel Charleroi Airport, which offers tourists the chance to hire a goldfish for three and a half euros if they need someone to talk to.

Then follows a chain of American hotels, Aloft, providing the robotic peddler of toilet paper coming in the room when it ended up the rolls.

In British hotels Malmaison administrators put shampoos and gels with the inscription The best shampoo you will ever steal (“the Best shampoo you ever stole”) and Box me and take me home (“Pack and take me home”). Thus, the staff has hinted that they may take personal items with you.

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The Manhattan hotel, The Benjamin Hotel is also surprised tourists eccentricity. Guests suffering from insomnia, you can order to your room of so-called sleep concierge (the”Concierge of a dream”), which will read a bedtime story and pick the right pillow.

Another unique service provided by several hotels, an interactive mirror in the room. It shows not only a reflection of the guests, but also weather, time and restaurants nearby.

Also there are hotels for people with microbiophobia. They can also make use of remote switches having an antimicrobial coating.

In February 2017, the publishing house Lonely Planet specializing in guidebooks, compiled a list of ten unusual places to stay tourists. The list includes areas all over the world, in particular, the Department in Western France, côte d’armor, where tourists can relax in a tent hanging from a tree in the forest.

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