The book of the founder of the Black Panthers returned to the library 47 years late


Photo: SFPL

To the public library in the American city of San Francisco, California, returned the book, taken 47 years ago. Reported by the Associated Press.

Autobiography of one of the founders of the “black Panther Party” and Eldridge cleaver’s “Soul on ice” was issued to the reader in 1970. It was assumed that it would return no later than 9 December of the same year, but it happened in 47 years, four months and 29 days later. During this time, the book has a detached cover, and title page with a hole.

Manager branch libraries Anne Vanucci (Anne Vannucchi) admitted that he would like to know who took this book and why it took so long to return. If the library rules do not limit the maximum size of the penalty 10.1 dollar, he would have had to pay about 1731,7 dollar for such period.

“The black Panther party”, aims to protect the civil rights of blacks, worked in the USA in 1960-e and 1970-e years. Unlike Martin Luther king, the participants advocated armed resistance to the oppressors. The Panthers patrolled black neighborhoods to prevent violence by white police officers, and handed out free breakfasts to children from poor families. During the existence of the party as a result of the collision of its members with police killed two police officers.

Eldridge cleaver was Minister of information “the black Panther Party”. In “Soul on ice” collected memories, articles, and prison letters jib, in which he talks about how from a rapist and drug dealer became a revolutionary and a follower of a fighter for black rights Malcolm X.

The whole gallery”black and poor”to Continue My home — my castle Photo: Bettmann / Corbis / East News 1/21

In 2017, it was reported that American Webb Johnson returned the storybook Francis Hopkins Smith’s “40 minutes late” from the library in San Francisco a hundred years ago. His grandmother, who in 1917 was reading this book, did not return it because is dead.

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