The stranger quietly lived six months in the house of the pensioner


Photo: Toru Hanai / Reuters

In the house of 90-year-old resident of the Japanese city of Himeji, in the province of Hyogo, about six months hiding outside. About it reports the edition SoraNews24.

The intruder found the adult son of the woman, drove to her mother’s to cook lunch. He was interested in strange sounds coming from the second floor. He went upstairs and found a 20-year-old stranger sleeping on the mattress. The man did not Wake him and called the police.

The young man was arrested, but he refused to explain what they were doing in a strange house, and you didn’t even tell me your name. However, the police, the stranger was hiding there from December 12, 2017. Before entering, he took off his shoes and left shoes at the door. He managed to hide for so long because the mistress of the house rarely went to the second floor and did not notice the noise because of poor hearing.

In 2008 it was reported that a homeless Japanese woman for years lived in a closet in the apartment of 57-year-old zitella Fukuoka. It gave the record a hidden camera, which he installed after the disappearance of food from the refrigerator.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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