These methods of US to prevent the election of Putin


Vladimir Putinto: Eugene biyatov / RIA Novosti

USA and other Western countries since 2011 have tried to prevent the election of Vladimir Putin as President of Russia. On Monday, may 14, reports “Interfax” with reference to the draft report of the Commission of Federation Council for the protection of state sovereignty.

“In Washington and other capitals well understood, given Russia’s traditions and the Constitution of the Russian Federation the main battle for control of Russia during the elections of the head of state. (…) Attempts to influence from the outside on the desire of the majority of citizens of the Russian Federation V. Putin to leave the head of state was made long before the international political crisis of 2014, choice Donald trump President of the United States (2016), and promulgated in the American Federal law (2017) Russia’s official enemy of the collective West,” — said the head of the Committee Andrey Klimov.

According to him, Western countries tried to discredit Putin and to divide his entourage, as well as to make sure that he was in isolation. Klimov said that only the Commission has identified 10 species of foreign interference in Russian elections. Among them, the “public imposition from outside” specific presidential candidates, propaganda and cyber-attacks on the resources of the CEC, as well as conducting opinion polls at the expense of foreign funding.

It is expected that the report of 50 pages shall submit to the Council of the Federation on may 30.

The Commission of the Federation Council for the protection of state sovereignty from June 2017. In March it published a report which stated that the United States in the period from 1946 to 2017 at least 120 times interfered in the Affairs of 60 countries.

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