Eaters of rare wild cats wanted to become famous on YouTube and got


Frame: Phoun Raty

Resident of Cambodia, ‘ Lin Clouds (Ah Lin Tuch) and her husband Fun of Rati (Raty Phoun) were arrested after they recorded the process of cooking and eating endangered animals. It is reported by The Sun.

The clouds together with her husband in front of the camera dressed representatives of a rare species of lizards and birds as well as endangered cats-anglers. Then the wife fried animal on a fire and ate them near his home in the jungle. In addition to endangered species, the woman also tasted a cow, a Cobra, a shark and frogs.

The Ministry of environment of Cambodia has paid attention to the bloggers, a few were arrested. “We are now in the process of making judicial decisions against them, while the working group is preparing a report on this issue”, — said the head of the Main Directorate for nature conservation and environmental protection Whose Sam who want to take (Chea Sam Arng). However, he did not specify what punishment can wait for the arrested family.

According to the suspects, they bought rare animals at the local market and then cook them. Authorities are exploring whether animals killed in the wild or purchased in illegal stalls.

Husband Cloud said the couple was going to earn thanks to their videos on YouTube: December 2017, they managed to get about $ 500 with embedded advertising in the video.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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