Goats were forbidden to fly on airplanes


Photo: Mikhail Voskresensky / RIA Novosti

American Airlines has limited the list of animals, which passengers may carry on Board the plane for emotional support. About it reports Fox News.

The new rules will take effect from 1 July. The list of banned animals includes amphibians, goats, hedgehogs, insects, wild birds and domestic animals with tusks, horns and hooves.

Passengers with trained animals, for example, trained miniature horses do not fall under innovation and will be able to transport their animals.

The airline representative Ross Feinstein said that the decision was taken only after receiving approval from the organizations for the protection of persons with disabilities.

In January, the American artist was forbidden to bring into the cabin of a peacock. According to her, he had to help her cope with the stress of flight. A video in which a woman walks through the airport in new York with bird on shoulder, posted in the Internet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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