Hackers forced the victims to stare at Stalin’s destruction of the computer


Photo: StalinLocker

MalwareHunterTeam researchers discovered a malicious algorithm, named StalinLocker. It blocks all the files stored on the computer, putting on a screen cover with a portrait of Joseph Stalin. On the finding of researchers has reported the portal BleepingComputer.

Program locker gives the user just 10 minutes by entering a code, abolishing its action. All this time on the screen of the device, in addition to the counter, displayed a photograph of the Soviet leader, accompanied by slogans of the Soviet era, and the background is the national anthem of the USSR. If the user don’t guess the cipher, the algorithm starts the process of deleting the contents of all disks.

Unlock code is the difference between the launch date of the file on the computer and numbers 1922.12.30 (probably means date of approval of the contract on formation of the USSR). According to experts, when the correct introduction of the code, the locker itself cancels the startup clean computer. Otherwise, the program will iterate all the drive names from A to Z and deletes all the content that will get access.

In MalwareHunterTeam drew attention to the fact that each time at program startup time to unlock, the user will be less, because the code StalinLocker spelled out the division of the current number of seconds remaining on three. The malware is now in the process of development (while it fails in planning independent driver updates on your computer), but soon can become a weapon against users around the world.

Cybersecurity experts claim that the locker to catch and neutralize an antivirus program, so it is recommended to install it or update an existing one.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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