In France have arrested terrorism suspects Chechens


Photo: Guillaume Pinon /

French counter-intelligence arrested six representatives of the Chechen Diaspora in the departments of Lower Rhine, Gironde, and Haute-Garonne. About it reports France Info, citing police sources.

According to them, the arrests related to the terrorist attacks committed in August 2017 in Barcelona and Cambrils. At the same time, it is noted that the operation is not related to the attacks on passers-by in the centre of Paris on may 12.

As writes the edition, in February of this year in France, was arrested three others involved in the attack in Catalonia, their nationality was not reported. One of them was charged and two were released.

Attacked people on may 12 in the French capital Khamzat Asimov was born in Chechnya and received French citizenship in 2010. He was also known to the intelligence services as a potential threat to national security. In the attack one person was killed and several were injured. The attacker was killed. Responsibility for the incident took on banned terrorist group “Islamic state”.

17 Aug 2017 van ran into pedestrians on the Las Ramblas in Barcelona. Killed at least 13 people, injured more than 100. The driver managed to escape from the scene of the crime. That same night in Cambrils, South of Barcelona, another group of terrorists tried to replicate Barcelona’s attack, ran over to the van people. Injured six people, five attackers were killed. Responsibility for the attack took on itself the “Islamic state”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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