In the Crimea began testing the latest drones


Photo: press service of CDB me “Rubin”

On the sea the ground in the Crimea began testing the newest robotic complex “Harpsichord-2”. He got the military index 2P52, which means a high degree of readiness for adoption, write “Izvestia”.

According to the publication, the tests in Feodosia also involved a craft project 20360ОС “Victor Cherokov”, which was recently transferred to the black sea fleet.

It is noted that in the future the landfill Theodosius will be used for testing of marine robotic complexes.

“Harpsichord-2” — Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) of the second generation. It can be used for prospecting, survey of bottom objects survey and mapping of the seabed, probing the soil. The machine can be installed different equipment: electromagnetic seeker, a digital video system, temperature sensors, and conductivity. The estimated range of the drone up to 50 kilometres.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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