Russian sausages are inedible


Photo: Mark Boyar / “Kommersant”

Non-profit organization “Roskontrol” checked “doctor’s” sausages five brands. The results of the examination they were all listed in the “black list” for non-conformity, marking, safety requirements and bad taste and odor. This is stated in the results of the research at the disposal “of the”.

Experts checked goods brands “Mikoyan”, “Rublevsky”, “Meat house of Borodino”, “Dymov” and “Ismail” — all of them, according to the manufacturer, is made from pork or pork and beef. However, as revealed in the course of the study, the sausages contain starch and chicken instead of meat.

So, in the sausage “Mikoyan”, “Rublev” and “Meat house Borodin” found a large number of poultry. “And sausages “Mikoyan” added poultry meat mechanically separated, as evidenced by the presence of particles of bone and cartilage, such raw material has very low nutritional value,” the study says. These sausages were also discovered starch.

In the product under the brand name “Ismail” found soy flour is specified in the soy protein. Also, the product recorded a foreign smell and flavor of oxidized fat. In sausages “Smokes” experts found a dangerous anaerobic bacteria — thus, this product does not meet safety requirements. The researchers noted that tested in the study, samples of sausage links can disappoint your customers “and the quality and taste of these products.”

Previously, “Roskontrol” conducted a study of seven of the most popular brands of dumplings. In the products of the brand “From ilina” and “Lozhkarev” Salmonella in the sample “Ismail” is Listeria, and the products of the brand “we Palycha” — both bacteria.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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