The largest fashion retailer in the United States apologized to China for t-shirt


Photo: Gap

The American company-the clothing retailer GAP had to apologize to China for politically incorrect t-shirt. This reports the South China Morning Post.

It was a picture of the map of China, which did not include the southern part of Tibet, the island of Taiwan and the South China sea.

“GAP respects the territorial integrity of China. We know that in one of our stores on sale were displayed t-shirts with the incorrect image of the map of China. We have corrected the error and bring our deepest apologies,” reads the entry in the official account of the company in Weibo.

Earlier Teleram channel Chinese threat, coverage of events in China, published a photo of Chinese tourists traveling to Vietnam. They were t-shirt on which the disputed territory in the South China sea were marked as Chinese territory.

Earlier this year, the American airline Delta and Marriott apologized to Beijing for that on their sites, Hong Kong, Tibet and Taiwan were listed as a separate state.

Tibet was forcibly annexed to China in the middle of the last century. Taiwan, according to the official position of Beijing, is one of the Chinese provinces. A number of Islands in the South China sea is disputed by China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam.

GAP Inc. — American company, the largest retailer of clothing in the United States and the owner of the second largest network of stores selling clothes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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