The Spaniard raped the daughter and her friends for the sake of “exorcism”


Photo: Susana Vera / Reuters

In Spain, the man will appear before court for having raped his own 15-year-old daughter and two of her friends under the pretext of expelling evil spirits. About it reports BBC News.

Allegedly, a man named Javier a few times forced girls to have sex in a family house in the Baix Llobregat near Barcelona. It is noted that the wife was in cahoots with him and knew what was happening: during the rape, she was at home, and then even allegedly asked the girls “how it went”.

The accused claims that is the so-called order of Odin. According to him, members of the organization required him to commit the said crime, because otherwise his family and relatives be damned.

The prosecution asks for father 45 years in prison. His wife proposed to sentence to nine years imprisonment. The trial will begin in Barcelona on may 17.

As writes BBC News, in late April, a Spanish court has acquitted five people on charges of raping a girl during traditional festival bull run in Pamplona. They all received nine years in prison on less severe charges of sexual abuse.

Earlier in may it was reported that in Sudan were sentenced to death a teenage girl stabbed an abusive husband. The police turned her own parents.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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