Touching a plan for children to convince parents to buy a dog acknowledged genius


Frame: the cartoon “the Kid and Carlson”

Eight-year-old William and six-year-old Scarlett received a refusal from the parents to the request for a dog, but are unable to accept and develop a joint plan to convince the parents to get a puppy. They made up on paper a list of ten items, but the mother of the family Emma Robinson (Emma Robinson) found the note before the items have been executed, writes the Daily Mirror.

Emma placed the note in Facebook. Judging by some of the paragraphs, the list was mostly comprised of his son. To get the coveted puppy, he was going to remake all the household chores, to shower the parents with compliments, throw random facts to post cute pictures of dogs to make a “Christmas list” to exchange your own sister to say that he will be more diligent, put cute pics around the house. “Who is this asshole?” — read the ninth item of his program. In the final he was planning to record a music video

Scarlett attributed to one last point from myself is to ask whether they can get a dog. At first, Emma found a note on the kitchen table, took him for a list of cases that William had planned to do for the upcoming birthday. But then it became clear that children conceived to convince her to have a pet.

“When I read, I couldn’t stop laughing,” admits the mother. According to her, the children really were determined since their grandmother died two years ago got a dog. The last six months, their pressure is particularly increased, but parents opposed the idea.

Having examined the plan, users Facebook came to the conclusion that William is a genius, because it came up with a failsafe plan. “Really great, how can you resist?” jokes Carolyn Andrews (Caroline Andrews).

“I can’t decide which item is my favorite. They made me laugh out loud,” admits Sarah Backwell (Sarah Buckwell).

According to Robinson, she feels that the plan is already powered, as children constantly give her compliments. However, the final decisions about the purchase of pet parents have not yet adopted.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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