Zhirinovsky worried dog mafia


Vladimir Zhirinovskogo: Mr Song / RIA Novosti

The leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has declared that will exclude from the party for the maintenance of the house dogs. His words leads Agency “Moscow” on Tuesday, may 15.

“Again, attack dogs, we talk a lot, but the law is not accepted. The dog mafia is the strongest. Apparently, someone at home are very favorite dog, and he slows down [adoption of law], having great power”, — said Zhirinovsky.

Liberal Democrat appealed to the party members with a question about their dogs as Pets, and received a negative response. “The LDPR dogs home does not hold! Who holds expelled from the party. Do not smoke, do not drink, do not keep dogs” — summed up the politician.

In January of last year, Zhirinovsky urged to ban Russians to have as Pets wild animals. However, he admitted that he himself had the experience of their content. “I had the bears in the country, I’m in the circus gave: one in Moscow, another — in the Bryansk, and one escaped. But they are small, two-year-old”, — he explained. According to him, the bears gave him, although he did not ask about it.

In August 2015, the state Duma Deputy Vadim Solovyov of the Communist party has proposed legislation to limit the number of animals in the apartments. It’s not just about cats and dogs but also other Pets. According to the MP, the regulation of this matter for the regional authorities.

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