Banned for pornography photo birth justified


Photo: @brisbanebirthphotography

Instagram rehabilitated snapshots by Australian photographer Selena Rollason, published in his account of the gallery of pictures birth. Earlier the administration of the resource is blocked as pornographic gallery, writes Daily Mail.

Photo taken in the process of childbirth, identified as pornography because they showed female genitals and Breasts of pregnant women. The ban has presented difficulties for Rollason, relieving birth with 2011.

Selena, the mother of four children, believes that the sexualization of the process of birth is invalid, because childbirth is a natural process.

“Banning these photos, Instagram said that it is not good to educate women about the realities of birth and to show them that this is not something to be afraid” — says the photographer.

She believes that through open demonstrations of births in social networks this topic will no longer be considered taboo.

Anti-ban to post pictures of deliveries in 2017 was made by Kathy vigos, author of the Instagram project “Project empowerment”, where the process and outcome of childbirth is published without embellishment. The activist has created a petition against censoring photo showing genitals and women’s Breasts at birth. The result is Instagram went to meet the photographers.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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