Explained mysterious phenomenon in the Earth’s magnetic field


Photo: NASA

Scientists at Cambridge University have found a possible explanation of the anomalous shift of the magnetic field of the Earth to the West. According to the researchers, the drift is associated with the Rossby waves, which are formed in the outer core of the planet. About it reported in a press release on Phys.org.

The shift was revealed in 1962, with the exact cause of the variation of the magnetic field remains unknown. According to one hypothesis, in the outer core of the Earth, which represents the liquid layer thickness 2266 kilometers, eddy currents are generated, resembling a high-altitude jet streams in the Earth’s atmosphere — a narrow and winding air flow at the altitude of 9-12 kilometers, caused by the Coriolis force. However, the signs of such flows was found.

According to researchers, the drift can cause waves of rossbi, which are formed in rotating liquids and gases. They represent a slow traveling wave, which are formed in the oceans and the Earth’s atmosphere and in the gaseous envelopes of other planets and outer layers of the stars. In the atmosphere they are represented by curves of high-altitude winds, and ocean waves running on the border of warm and cold water layers.

Waves of rossbi are also formed in the outer core and, as scientists believe, are responsible for the displacement of the magnetic field, despite the fact that they run in an easterly direction. By analogy with ocean waves that can move objects in the opposite to its movement direction, perturbations in the core can “push” the magnetic field to the West. However, this hypothesis needs to be tested.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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