Family found in the yard a safe with tens of thousands of dollars and gave it to the neighbors



Residents of the American city new York Matthew Emanuel (Matthew Emanuel) and his wife, Maria Colonna Emanuel (Maria Colonna-Emanuel) found that in the yard of their house was buried a safe with money and jewels worth tens of thousands of dollars. It is reported

Safe dug the workers who were hired to replace the deer damaged trees hedges. First, Matthew took him for a box for electrical equipment, but then noticed it combination lock. Workers helped to open it.

The safe was stuffed with packages of zipper money and jewelry. According to CBS New York, among other things, there were diamonds, gold and wedding rings. Some bills soaked, stuck together and fell into disrepair, but 16300 dollars (about million) was saved.

In one of the packages was a note with the address of one of the families living in the neighborhood. As it turned out, the safe was stolen from them about seven years ago. According to police, the value of its content was 52 thousand dollars (3.2 million rubles). The theft occurred over three years before moving Matthew and Mary in a house in whose yard the attacker hid the loot.

The couple decided to return found money and jewels to their rightful owners. The neighbors had long ago lost hope for the return of the missing items were both surprised and pleased. “Someone asked: ‘Why did you gave?’ But we have not even asked such a question. It’s not our” — quoted by CBS New York the words of Mary.

According to her, now the place where a treasure had been hidden, adorned with the ceramic elephant. “We bought this elephant and said, let’s keep him here. This is a good place,” she explained.

In April it was reported that Chinese peasants seeking medicinal roots, found the treasure, weighing 400 pounds. In large clay jug lay coins of the reign of the song dynasty, who ruled from the tenth to the thirteenth century, as well as the money of the older Han dynasty, ruled the country in the III century.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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