Five-year-old girl albino beheaded for magical amulets


Photo: Joe Penney / Reuters

In Mali five-year-old girl albino was stolen from his mother and beheaded in order to use her head for making amulets. This was reported by the newspaper the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in the village of Fana over 125 kilometers from the capital of Mali, Bamako. Armed men broke into the house where mother was sleeping with his two daughters. Women first ran in pursuit of the kidnappers, but then returned home to protect the second child, also albino.

“We’ve searched everywhere and found behind the mosque. She had no head,” — said the village teacher Oumar Diakite (Oumar Diakite).

Angry locals burned the military police station for the fact that the guards are unable to ensure the child’s safety. “We demand justice. They took her head. It is a ritualistic crime,” said Mamadou Sissoko (Mamadou Sissoko), General Secretary of the Federation of associations of people with albinism in West Africa. He believes that the surge of such crimes is connected with elections to be held in the Republic on July 29.

Ritual killings of albinos are common practice in Africa. According to local beliefs, amulets from their body parts can cure illnesses and also bring wealth and good fortune.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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