In Spain caught the burglar hiding with 75 personalities


Photo: Essex Police

In the Spanish region of Costa del Sol have arrested a Briton wanted for armed robbery in the County of Essex. As The Local reports, Stevie Atkins (Stevie Atkins) was taken into custody in Marbella.

Man at two o’clock on may 8 halted the patrol of the national police. He gave the guards an ID card, which turned out to be false. Suspecting something was amiss, they checked the database and found out that Atkins is listed in the search.

Law enforcement indicated that he had 75 fake IDs. He also tried to bribe the officers and offered them 500 euros in cash, if they let him go. It added to the man accusation in bribery.

Atkins was reported missing in March. UK police indicated that he may be in Spain. The man was the accomplice in the armed robbery of collectors in December 2016. Then two criminals took away from the two guards 235 thousand pounds (about 270 thousand euros), when they stopped near one of the supermarkets to replenish funds at an ATM. As a result, nobody was hurt. One of the robbers was later caught and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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