In Yerevan found another reason to block the streets


A member of the “Sasna tsrer”. Archived fotofoto: Asatur Esync / RIA Novosti

In Yerevan, demonstrators blocked the Arshakunyats Avenue, pitched the tent and going to sleep. On it informs news Agency

The protesters are demanding the release of members of the armed group “Sasna tsrer”, seized in 2016, the building of a regiment of patrol-guard service in the Armenian capital.

Wednesday, may 16, the judge rejected the application for release 11 of the militants — the lawyers asked to change a measure of restraint on recognizance not to leave due to changing political situation in the country. Members of the group are accused of grave and especially grave crimes, including murder.

The guards do not interfere in what is happening.

May 16, Yerevan Residents broke into city hall and demanded the resignation of the head of Armenia’s capital Taron Margaryan. The demonstrators demanded that the mayor of explanation about cutting down of trees in the Park of 2,800 anniversary of Yerevan near the building of city hall. When the protesters realized that Taron Margaryan to them will not go down, they rushed into the building and passed through the turnstile, despite the opposition of security.

17 Jul 2016 “Sasna tsrer” seized the police building and demanded the resignation of President Serzh Sargsyan. In the course of these events killed 3 law enforcement officers, and another 6 were injured. Release operation of the building ended July 31, all the militants surrendered to the authorities.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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