The Australian overtook the cheap and left with permanently damaged Breasts


If Camaronet: 9NEWS

A resident of the Australian city of Melbourne, state of Victoria, says that after cheap plastic surgery in Thailand her Breasts were quite spoiled. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

48-year-old Cameron Lee (Cameron Lee) visited Thailand to remove its silicone implants and do a breast lift. Seven thousand Australian dollars (about 327 thousand rubles) promised her the assistance of a surgeon is world-class and luxurious accommodation. In Australia a similar procedure would cost not less 27 thousand Australian dollars (about 1.3 million).

When I removed the bandages, the woman saw the chest open wounds, up to ten centimeters. In addition, the nipples were located significantly higher than it should. The surgeon chalked it up to the age of the patient and said that they will move lower. Outbreak of postoperative infection finally convinced Cameron that it is necessary to return home until she is able to do it.

Plastic surgeon Olivia Perotti (Perotti Olivia), who had treated her in Australia, claims that have repeatedly dealt with similar and more severe cases. A small but noticeable percentage of Australians turning to cheap plastic surgeons from South-East Asia, faces various postoperative complications. According to Perotti, she saw a woman who lost a nipple.

In December it was reported that after unsuccessful plastic surgeries between the eyes of a resident of Thailand, there was a noticeable hole. According to her, she brought infection during rhinoplasty one of the cheap clinics in hat Yai.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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