Ukrainians advised and dissuaded to blow up the Crimean bridge


Photo: Alex Maligawa / RIA Novosti

American political journalist Tom Rogan urged Ukraine to put an airstrike on the Crimean bridge. With this sentence he prints in a newspaper column edition of the Washington Examiner.

In his opinion, the bridge is “outrageous insult” for Ukraine as a nation and now Kiev “to destroy elements of the bridge, despite the almost certain response from the Russian side”.

“Fortunately, Ukraine has funds for the air strikes on the bridge in such a way as to make it at least temporarily unusable. Due to the significant length of the bridge of the Ukrainian air force can fire at the object with minimal losses among those who at the moment will be on the construction,” writes Rohan.

“The United States can and should support Ukraine in this matter, feeling confidence in their own military strength,” he concludes.

This article in conversation with RBC said the head of Kerch Sergei Borozdin. He noted that the author of the article “or simply inadequate, or a provocateur”. “The bridge and the Russian border are under the control and protection, it is physically impossible to do. In this regard we are calm,” he added. In turn, the Deputy of the state Council of the Crimea Valery Aksenov has pointed out that the services that protect the Crimean bridge “work, not sleep. Our region is unstable, so the security considerations for the construction of the bridge stood immediately after engineering solutions.”

A full crossing through the Kerch Strait was opened on 15 may 2018. Linking the Taman and Kerch bridge was the longest in Russia — 19 kilometers. Its construction cost the Federal budget at 228 billion rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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