American refused to give a bag to an armed robber survived



American Jared Clothing (Jerad Kluting) from Holland, Michigan, gave the robber an expensive bag, even after warning shots. This was reported by local news portal

The man admitted that he tried to Rob on the street about five o’clock, when he returned to work on Monday, may 14. The perp aimed a gun at him and demanded to give the bag and shot him three times, but never got into Clothinga.

“It all happened very quickly. In one motion he grabbed the gun, and the other hand covering her face neck with a handkerchief and told me I gave the bag. To which I said that he will never get my Louis Vuitton” — said Clotting. The American said that for a long time worked to buy this bag for $ 1,700, it really means a lot to him, and he wasn’t ready to “give it up on demand crook”. Besides, according to Clatina, bag with this design was discontinued, so he couldn’t buy one for myself.

The man suggested that the first two shots the robber did to scare him, and the third wanted to kill him, but missed. He believes he did the right thing and proud of their behavior: “This is my bag, and he could take it out of my cold dead hands”.

Soon after the incident, the hapless robber was detained. It was the 21-year-old boy, who had not committed crimes. While he was not pressing charges.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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