British schoolchildren will be deprived of hours


Photo: Axel Heimken / DPA /

In the UK students, the examinations will not be allowed to wear a wrist watch. Reported by the Daily Mail.

As noted, starting with this summer accessory in the audience will be asked to remove and leave in front of him on the table. Therefore, the examiners will immediately notice the suspicious behavior of the students and hope to protect themselves from cheating.

Currently, the country is not allowed to pass exams with the so-called smartwatch, which you can use to search for information online, you also can not bring in the audience phones. However, the new limit is aimed at combating models of smart watches that look like regular, with unscrupulous students hiding crib under the straps.

To monitor compliance with the rules will be the observers: prior to the test, they must make sure that the clock with the hands removed all the dealer.

Earlier in may it was reported that the staff of schools in the Indian state of Bihar refused to let an exam girls wearing long sleeves. The fabric is publicly circumcised before entering the room, and explained that protection from cheating.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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