Russia has returned to plans to launch satellites “Poplars”


Photo: Ministry of defense / RIA Novosti

Russia has returned to consideration of the project of the use of Intercontinental ballistic missiles RS-12M “Topol” capable of launching space satellites. About it writes RIA Novosti.

“In the space industry returned to the consideration of the draft conversion the use of decommissioned Intercontinental ballistic missiles “Topol” with the purpose of their use in the space program — the creation on their basis of light launch vehicles”, — said the Agency a source in the military-space industry.

Russian defense Ministry started to replace “Topol” modern “Yarsy” and experts have proposed not to dispose of the old rocket, and with minimal alterations to adapt them for space launches. The rocket troops are planning to leave the possibility of launches from mobile platforms, allowing a wide range to choose the degree of the orbit for launches.

According to open sources, armed with the strategic missile forces today may be about 70 missiles “Topol”.

15 may it became known that the defense Ministry more than halved the plans for the launches of “Poplars” to 2018-2019, up to three instead of seven. In the coming years will be executed only a few launches of RS-12M for training of personnel of the strategic Missile forces and the confirmation of the stability characteristics of the missile, which extended the period of operation.

Strategic missile complex RT-2PM “Topol” with the three-stage solid-rocket 15Ж58 adopted in 1988. ICBM launch weight of 45 tons, capable of throwing about a ton of payload at a distance of 11 thousand kilometers. Standard load of missiles 15Ж58 is a nuclear warhead capacity of 550 kilotons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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