The bride’s father Prince Harry decided on going to the wedding


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The bride of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle confirmed that her father Thomas Markle will not be able to attend the wedding. Her statement appeared on Twitter of Kensington Palace.

Markle stated that he always cared about his father, and expressed hope that it “will be left alone, as he needs to think about health.” She also thanked everyone for their support and said impatiently awaits the guests at the wedding ceremony, which will be held on Saturday, may 19.

Previously, Thomas Markle reported that he would not go to the wedding of his daughter, as he suffered a heart attack and needs emergency surgery. He also added that he does not want to harm the reputation of the daughter and the Royal family after the scandal with false photographs in which the American was depicted the preparations for the wedding. British journalists accused him that he wanted to sell those photos to the press and to cash in on his daughter’s wedding.

The half brother of Meghan Markle, who appeared in London without an invitation to the wedding, noted in an interview with The Mirror that Kensington Palace was necessary “to help his father and take from him the attention of journalists.” However, he added that his sister will be the perfect modern Princess.

Half-sister Meghan Markle Samantha Grant, according to the publication Daily Mail, once again accused the Prince’s bride that she does not help the father with money, and also noted that the idea to make fake photos belonged to her. So she planned to improve the image of the father in the eyes of the public after the paparazzi photographed him buying alcohol about six months ago.

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