The octopus “has found” alien DNA


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An international group of scientists led by Australian immunologist Edward Steele (Steele Edward), worked at the Center for astrobiology in Sri Lanka, suggested that evolution on Earth has occurred due to extraterrestrial retroviruses, and some cephalopods have come to the planet with comets. A controversial hypothesis published in a peer-reviewed journal Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology.

In 1978, Fred Hoyle (Fred Hoyle) and Chandra Wickramasinghe (Chandra Wickramasinghe), supporters of the hypothesis of panspermia, put forward the thesis H-W on cometary biology, which suggests that organisms fall to Earth by comets. The researchers also believed that the space objects carried with them the retroviruses causing disease and thus guide the course of evolution. Infectious agents could have caused the Cambrian explosion.

In the new work, scientists have proposed a bold hypothesis that octopuses could not appear in the result of the evolution of the earth. The arguments in favor of this assumption include unusual genetic and behavioral diversity of modern cephalopods (squid, cuttlefish and octopus). However, such a complex anatomical features, like a nervous system with a large brain chamber of the eye (different from the eyes of mammals), the color change, and appear a relatively short time period approximately 275 million years ago.

Octopus genome contains 33 thousand protein coding genes, more than humans. Moreover, almost every gene has a conservative (relatively completely preserved during the entire course of evolution) website editing mRNA, but this mechanism is absent in the more primitive cephalopods (Nautilus). Scientists believe that such genetic characteristics could not occur in the course of random mutations. Genes thus have a cosmic origin. The researchers admit the possibility that the comets that fall to Earth were the eggs frozen octopus.

According to the publication Science Alert, work, although an interesting, speculative and not a matter of great scientific value. According to editor Denis noble (Denis Noble) the article was published to maintain the discussion about the origin of life and evolution, because there is increasing evidence of the presence of organic substances on other celestial bodies.

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