WhatsApp have existed in the lock an hour


Photo: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

Roskomnadzor unblocked all the IP addresses of the WhatsApp messenger an hour later after they got to the register of banned resources. Information about this was published in the Telegram-channel RKNSHOWTIME tracking data from the discharge.

Blocked addresses were on the roster for 60 minutes. Maybe all those IP addresses were blocked as a result of a technical error.

In addition, the registry was removed a few IP addresses of a large foreign providers, including Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. In just 24 hours, the Agency ceased to block 1068 of addresses.

May 17, Roscomnadzor made in the register of banned resources 329 the IP addresses of the WhatsApp messenger. According to the website of the Department, access to these locations was limited by decision of the General Prosecutor’s office, according to which previously the registry has made a few million IP addresses hosting providers Google and Amazon.

The mass block of addresses of the hosting providers that are used to bypass the lock Telegram in Russia, began in April 2018. Then Tagansky court of Moscow ruled to block the country messenger of Pavel Durov after the failure of the company’s representatives to transmit FSB encryption keys to user correspondence.

To restrict access to Telegram, Roskomnadzor has blocked several million IP addresses, most of which belonged to Google and Amazon. However, due to numerous complaints of the victims at the end of April Roskomnadzor said that it will cease to make major subnets in the registry.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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