Found a way to recognize a narcissist


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Scientists have found that the appearance of people suffering from narcissism, has one thing in common — thick eyebrows. Research on this topic was published by psychological publishing Jouranl of personality.

It turned out that overly thick, groomed eyebrows are the most common in narcissists grandiose (grandiose narcissism is the degree of narcissism, in which people tend to despise others, has consistently demonstrated his superiority and achievements in the complete absence of empathy towards others — approx. “Of the”).

Miranda Giacomin (Miranda Giacomin) and Nicholas vane (Nicholas Rule) from the University of Toronto conducted an experiment: they gathered photos of people, which later passed the test for the severity of narcissism. Psychologists then cut out pictures of eyebrow and asked independent experts to evaluate their grooming, femininity and identity.

Test results compared with expert opinion. It turned out that the thicker a person’s eyebrows, the more pronounced form of narcissism he possesses.

Giacomin Rel and suggest that narcissistic people tend to stand out and Express their individuality even with the help of eyebrows.

In April thick black unibrow has brought fame to the student from the island of Cyprus. When the photos unibrow 21-year-old model Sofia Hadjipanteli went viral, she was faced with a wave of negativity. According to the student, they called her in social networks, and some even threatened to kill her.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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