Named methods of dealing with nausea on the plane


Photo: Natalia Seliverstova / RIA Novosti

Compiled a list of techniques that will help cope with motion sickness while flying. This writes The Sun.

The most effective product from the sickness recognized as a green Apple. It contains lots of fiber that help to remove causing nausea microorganisms.

“Green apples are perfectly cope with the motion sickness, it’s true. If you are sick on Board, just eat them, and it will pass,” wrote one user of the forum Cruise Critic. “I ate the Apple, when he felt bad, and it really worked! Nausea left after half an hour,” commented another traveler.

It also turned out that the seat at the level of the wing are always less susceptible to vibration, so passengers who get carsick, you should choose them.

In addition, experts from the “journal of applied psychology” (Journal of Applied Psychology) advised to convince yourself that you are not sick. They gave the example of the Israeli officers who spoke to the cadets that they can not be seasick, and after five days, much less cadets complained of motion sickness.

In addition, red wine also can badly affect the health during the flight, so it’s best to drink ginger ale, as ginger reduces the symptoms of nausea.

In may the pilot of the plane told what to do all the passengers to survive when the plane begins to fall. According to the captain of the Boeing 787 Dave Inch, need to always be prepared for disaster: take off high heels, glasses, to weaken the ties and scarves. In addition, you need to remember where the nearest emergency exit, and count the number of obstacles that stand in the way to it, in case the plane is filled with smoke.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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