Putin advised the victims of Slutsky to contact the police


Leonid Slockett: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

President Vladimir Putin advised victims of sexual harassment to contact the police and the courts. He said this to journalists after a straight line, reports TASS.

“I think that there is need to understand these issues,” — said the President, adding that the problem should be resolved not in the information, and in the legal field. He stressed that the interests of absolutely all citizens, regardless of gender, religion or age, should be protected.

Putin was not aware of the scandal surrounding accusations of the state Duma Deputy Leonid Slutsky of harassment. At the same time the head of state have an opinion on this. “I don’t think we should turn all of these questions, especially specific instances in a campaign. In any civilized country has the law provided a procedure for consideration of conflicts of this kind”, — concluded the Russian leader.

Three Russian journalist Darya Zhuk, Farida Rustamova and Ekaterina Kotrikadze — accused lawmaker in harassment. Rustamov said that she has proof in the form of audio recordings. March 21 the state Duma Commission on the ethics of justified the behavior of Slutsky, it is not becoming to understand the history and get acquainted with the decoding of the audio. One of the members of the Commission called girls by female employees of “hostile media”.

In a sign of solidarity with colleagues “Tape.ru” and many other publications has announced the Deputy of the boycott. From the site “Tape.ru” removed all materials mentioning Slutsky, except those which are directly linked to the allegations of harassment.

In the Russian legislation there is still no legal definition of the concept of “harassment”, and no punishment for it is not provided. In the state Duma considered that the subject of the harassment exaggerated and not worth their attention.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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