Climber fell off the mountain and six days survived without food


Picture: ABC News

In the Australian state of Queensland has saved the tourist from South Korea, which was lost in the Bush. She had six days to survive without food and equipment, the magazine writes Brisbane Times.

25-year-old Juhi Khan (Joohee Han) went into a solo hike to mount Tyson. She hoped to get there on 1 June. The day before the deadline, she went to the supermarket in the town of Tully. Since then, nobody has seen her. June 6, concerned friends, the Koreans called the police and reported her missing.

In search of the missing tourists threw the civil and military helicopters. In operation, as were 20 soldiers, 14 of rescuers, volunteers, police and parks and wildlife Queensland. A group of soldiers and police officers went through the Bush to the place where 2 Jun heard screams and found the woman in a remote gorge.

As it turned out, Khan was up on the mountain, but he slipped and lost consciousness. After five hours, the tourist woke up at the bottom. She crawled through the Bush, till he came to a gorge with a waterfall. She’s there six days waiting for help. She had no food, no warm clothes that could keep her warm at night when the temperature dropped to ten degrees.

Rescuers are unable to come to the Khan on earth, so it was pulled from the gorge by helicopter. To the surprise of rescuers, Korean escaped dehydration, abrasions and minor injuries. According to the paramedic Gohlke Hannah (Hannah Gaulke), involved in the rescue operation, the chances that someone will be able to survive in the Bush all this time without necessary equipment, it was almost zero.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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