Jeff Monson will exchange US citizenship for Deputy chair


Jeff Monsantoco: Nikolay Sidorov / RIA Novosti

American fighter mixed martial (MMA) Jeff Monson decided to abandon U.S. citizenship. His words are quoted by the radio station “Moscow Says”.

“There is a long procedure, but I started this process. I give them a us passport and will use only Russian. I already paid for the procedure, three thousand dollars. The US government just wants your money. Ha-ha,” said Monson.

According to the fighter, the U.S. government is trying to complicate the process of renunciation of citizenship. “They don’t want people renounced their citizenship. If you have a lot of real estate and other property, you must first sell, and then give all the taxes to the state, and then you let go,” he said.

Monson also announced the intention to become an MP: “I first worked in Krasnogorsk. Then I would like to grow to the State Duma and to help so the maximum possible number of people.”

May 28, Monson received Russian citizenship. In 2016, the fighter received the passport of the self-proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic.

Monson is known for his Communist convictions, love for Russia and its Soviet past. The athlete has repeatedly started fights under the anthem of the USSR. During his career, Monson has held 86 fights, in which he scored 59 victories and suffered 26 defeats. And one fight with its participation ended in a draw.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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