Red lean Putin and Kim Jong UN of wax amused the crowd


Photo: Sipa Asia / REX / Shutterstock

A wax figure of Vladimir Putin, Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN on display at the Chinese show, amused the crowd. On pictures drew the attention of the newspaper the Sun.

The statue has appeared at major Shanghai trade show for the sale of furniture and equipment for kitchens and bathrooms. Visitors to the fair made fun of not too similar to the prototypes of the figures, made in human growth.

Photo: Sipa Asia / REX / Shutterstock 1/3

The audience noted that the sculptor managed to convey the famous hairstyle and gestures trump, but not his facial features. In the wax statue of Putin surprised them red color hair and eyebrows, and Kim Jong-UN, in their opinion, turned out too thin.

Nevertheless, the brand presented the statue, managed to attract attention to your stand, as thousands of visitors took selfies with the wax world leaders.

In October 2017 of the terrifying wax figure of singer Lady Gaga, exhibited in one of the Peruvian museums. Have compared it with the alien cockroach wearing the skin of the pop singer, and homeless, and offered to dismiss the sculptor.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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