The American returned to the client a forgotten lottery ticket for a million dollars


Photo: David Eulitt /

In the American state of Kansas the seller had given a lottery ticket for a million dollars forgetting it on the counter to the customer. This was reported by news portal ABC News.

Kal Patel (Kal Patel), whose parents run the shop at the gas station, said he did not regret his decision, because “good deeds are returned through, the wicked problems.”

Won the lottery, the man, who wished to remain anonymous, bought three tickets in the other place, but just stopped for gas and checked whether they are winning. Two of them he looked, and the third left it on the counter. Store employees decided to test it and found that it is possible to one million dollars.

Patel realized what kind of client is it, and tried to find his house, but could not. Then he decided to wait for him at the gas station.

Friends accused Patel that he took the opportunity and took the money. But he explained that he feels it is right, moreover, many told him that he had “restored their faith in humanity”.

Local law firm wrote Patel a check for $ 1,200 in gratitude for a good deed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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