The Kremlin has boasted a resuscitation of the Soviet ice cream


Photo: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti

Trading house kremlevskiy Administration of the President of Russia announced the release of six types of ice cream, including ice cream, “the Kremlin”, reports TASS.

“Ice cream is made by order of the Trading house “Kremlin” and is labeled “Choice” Kremlin”, — said the press-Secretary of Department Elena Krylova. The manufacturer of the new ice cream was determined on the basis of its ability to accurately reproduce the original Soviet recipe, she said.

In the manufacture of ice cream was “combined the best traditions of Soviet production and modern technology,” said Krylov. Ice cream is produced according to original recipe 1950-ies of the last century and corresponds to GOST 117-41 1941, and the current GOST 31457 2012.

“The choice of the Kremlin” became the usual ice cream in a waffle Cup, chocolate cream in waffle Cup, ice cream in a sugar cone, ice cream with cherry jam in a sugar cone, ice cream creme brulee in a sugar cone and ice cream Popsicle. “Composed of only natural ingredients — whole milk and sweetened condensed milk, cream, butter, sugar, agar-agar and vanilla” — said Krylov.

“Kremlin” ice cream you can buy in a cafe under the Management of the Affairs, as well as in large retail chains.

Trading house “Kremlin” was created in 2000. The company is the owner of 85 trademarks incorporating the word “Kremlin” and derivative phrases.

According to the “Roskontrol”, now the most delicious Russian ice cream can be considered the “Gold standard”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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