The star of “will and grace” was forced to pose naked insidious producers


Debra Missingdata: Zhao Hanrong /

Hollywood actress Debra messing said that her deception was inclined to shoot Nude in her debut film “a Walk in the clouds”. Her words reports The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the artist, persuaded her to sign a contract in which she agreed to pose naked with a promise of nudity in the film will not. “The producers told me: “It’s just a whim of the Director, make a film for an audience over 13 years, we can’t show anything, so nothing will happen if you sign it.” And then I come to the site and I say, “well, that’s your underwear for the first part, but your scene Nude”,” said messing.

The producers explained the change of plans the fact that in the international rental age restrictions of the film have decided to promote. Messing also complained that during the filming the Director of “a Walk in the clouds” Alfonso Arau refused to tell her what angles will be to remove her body. The woman asked him about this, to mentally prepare for the process.

“A walk in the clouds” with Keanu Reeves in the title role was released in 1995. In addition, messing starred in such films as “Bride rent”, “Mothman”, “along came Polly” and “Celebrity”, as well as in the TV series “Seinfeld” and “will & grace”.

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