A gang of rappers were going to take revenge for grandma and went to jail


Frame: Callzz 32 / YouTube

In London the court considered accusations against rappers with criminal ties who planned to take revenge on the competitors who threatened the grandmother of one of the participants. This publication reports The Independent.

In November 2017, the police arrested 19-year-old Miku BEDO (Micah Bedeau), performing a drill under the pseudonym Horrid1, and his four friends from the group 1011. They found three machetes, a knife and two baseball bats. The detainees claimed it props for making a music video, but in may he admitted that preparing an attack on competitors in the gang World 12.

The reason for revenge was the threat grandmother BEDO received from 12 World. “Micah, come and take her, she doesn’t have a roof on our territory,” — said one of the gang members in the video, which was shown in court. “You’re lucky I didn’t punch her in the face. Horrid1, take your fucking grandmother,” adds another.

BEDO and other members of the group threatened with imprisonment, and a ban on music in the genre of drill. As it turned out, the police for two years, followed by their activities. Posted in YouTube music videos 1011 gathered over 11 million views.

Drill — genre of hip-hop that emerged in Chicago and from 2012, gaining popularity in London criminal circles. Characteristic dark lyrics glorifying crime, as well as aggressive attacks on other musicians. British performers of the drill is often associated with a particular street gang.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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