Aggressive Hippo attacked a passing helicopter


Photo: Albert Jansen van Rosendaal

In South Africa aggressive Hippo jumped in the helicopter, which flew over water at low altitude. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Huntsmen private game reserve Aquila, located near the South African town of Worcester, drew attention to the aggressive male, who often got into fights with other hippos. When he began to attack the newborn cubs, he decided to relocate to another place.

Looking for the animal they’re sending a helicopter. On Board were the zookeeper Mnar Gerald a (Gerald Minnaar), who planned to euthanize the Hippo with a tranquilizer dart. When the helicopter hovered over the lake, aggressive male attacked him and tried to grab the teeth, but missed.

“We searched for him and did not even know that it’s right below us, — the pilot told Cruz Kobus (Kobus Crous). The Hippo just jumped out of the water with open jaws. If caught, would have won one”. The helicopter quickly gained altitude, and then drove the Behemoth to shore where it is easier to put down.

According to the Rangers, the animal weighed about a ton and a half. His body was covered with wounds received in fights with other hippos.

In may it was reported that the party Safari in the Kruger national Park in South Africa filmed a crocodile attack on wildebeest, which interfered with the hippos. They are biting crocodiles, when they were too close, they nibble on them, that helped the antelope to escape.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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