Beaten in Georgia, the Russians asked not to drag in politics


Fedor Chenyshevskogo Fedor Chelyshev / YouTube

Russian paraglider Fedor Chelyshev said the details of the attack on him in the Georgian village of Gudauri. He recorded a video message and posted the video on his YouTube account.

He asked not to drag in politics, having declared that became a victim of the redistribution of business. “I don’t have to do with any political forces, it is simply an attempt of redistribution of business. The boys of the village who are doing the same [rolled tourists on the gliders — approx. “Of the”], decided to ban me and other pilots flying in the area. Threats received throughout the year. They told all the pilots: “you work and pay us, or you don’t work here”,” — said the victim.

“Today I just came to ask why they closed the passage to the area rented by the guys from Ukraine. I got out of the car and started talking with them, asked, whether they offer me the conditions to work. Instead, I was attacked. Now in intensive care lying under a dropper. Concussion, broken bones, get well soon,” said he.

Thus Chelyshev confirmed the words of the representative of the Georgian interior Ministry Anno, Barabadze previously saabusa that the cause of the incident was “a confrontation between two business groups, dealing with rental gliders for tourists”. “One group consists of local residents, and another — the Russians and Ukrainians”, — she specified.

The attack on Theodore Chelysheva occurred on 9 June. About 30 people beat the Russians, he recorded a severe concussion and a broken nose. The Georgian interior Ministry opened a criminal case on the fact of what happened.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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