Gay pride parades have been coming to Antarctica


Photo: @matbreen

In Antarctica for the first time a gay pride parade, it will participate up to 10 people. This was reported edition of QNEWS Magazine.

The event is organized by the employees of the largest U.S. polar station McMurdo Evan Townsend (Evan Townsend) and Sean Waldron (Shawn Waldron). They admitted that finding participants was pretty easy: “we had several events for LGBT people, and they came. In addition, since there are few people to calculate them was not difficult.”

The parade will take place in June as this month throughout the United States are gay parades. At this time the Antarctic winter, so at the station there were only 133 people, whereas from December to February there are about 900 employees. The organizers finally decided what will be included in the program of the event, but they expect to organize a gay bar and movie nights, and will also be on the main station building with flags.

In April, before the onset of the polar night Townsend and his associates took the photo with the rainbow flag — a symbol of the LGBT community.

In 2016 in Antarctica was first installed rainbow flag activists of the organization Planting Peace, declared it “the first LGBT-friendly continent.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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