New data about Russian interference in American elections


Photo: Mike Blake / Reuters

American spectacular Robert Mueller has named a new suspect in the investigation of possible Russian intervention in the US presidential election. To them became 48-year-old Russian Konstantin kilimnik, reports “Russian service bi-Bi-si”. It is noted that the man is the sixth defendant in the case and may be one of its key figures.

The consequence considers that since 2005, kilimnik worked for Paul Manafort (former head of the election headquarters of Donald trump) and he headed the Kiev office of the company spin doctor, was also involved in lobbying in favor of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of regions, which he headed. Together with Monforton and another consultant kilimnik received a more than $ 75 million.

Separate charges issued a joint work of Kilimnik and Manafort from February to April 2018. In particular, the spin doctors were accused of opposition to justice. According to the investigation, “they deliberately and consciously tried to bribe two people (names not specified) to influence, delay, and prevent testimony in an official investigation”.

The result, in particular, requires the confiscation of property of Manafort and Kilimnik.

It is reported that the Russians fluent English, which he speaks almost without an accent, he worked in Sweden, in companies dealing with arms exports, as well as in the office of the International Republican Institute in Moscow. Despite the presence of Russian citizenship, a man born in the East of Ukraine.

Kilimnik and Manafort met in the early 2000s, they were introduced to each other by Phil Griffin, a longtime associate of political operative. The Manafort called Kilimnik “your Russian brain”. Officially, the Russians ceased to work for the American after the flight of Yanukovych to Russia in 2014.

Moscow has repeatedly accused of meddling in the US presidential election. In particular, in January was published the declassified version of the report of the intelligence services, which asserted that the hackers who attacked American computer systems during the election campaign, are the Russian authorities. Thus, they allegedly wanted to influence the political process in the country. In Russia, all these accusations categorically deny.

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