Russian teacher fired for a photo shoot in a swimsuit



Teacher Victoria Popova was fired from the Omsk school after discovered in the Internet the Nude photos. She announced the publication of the NHS Omsk.

“Victoria Popova their behavior has damaged the image of the school, and most importantly, the high status of the pedagogical worker. Realizing this fact, the teacher wrote the statement on their own,” said RIA Novosti the city hall.

26-year-old history teacher worked at the Omsk school №7 with students in grades 7-9. In his spare time the teacher was engaged in a modeling Agency for girls with magnificent forms, where a form of advertising for a clothing store plus-size, starring in a retro swimsuit. Parents might recognize the teacher in the publication, devoted to the Agency for the full models, on the city website, according to NGS Omsk.

The teacher admitted that she has long had tense relations with the head teacher: “That my hair is not colored, in jeans I go. And then a man caught me just have this,” she said. However, the teacher loved working with children, and she even won first place in the voting group in “Vkontakte”, “the Amateur teacher.” Popov got two higher educations — pedagogical and legal — in the Omsk state University named after Dostoyevsky.

6 June Moscow teacher fired for a class field trip to the theatre “Modern” on the play “brave new world” based on the novel of the writer Aldous Huxley. Parents of students allegedly did not like the fact that the performance raised the question of free love, what could be atraktivno them as “corruption”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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