The owner of a multimillion-dollar win was for money in a mask


Photo: @SVLGrp

In Jamaica, the woman who won the lottery 180 million Jamaican dollars (87,5 million), appeared at a press conference in the mask. This publication reports the Jamaica Observer.

In this way she is trying to preserve his anonymity. According to the company, Supreme Ventures, organized the lottery, the mask was chosen with a vote on the Internet. Won a winking Emoji. “Such a person do when they become #supermillionaires,” commented Supreme Ventures on Twitter.

She lives and works in the Jamaican parish of St James, she has children. She claims that she started buying lottery tickets about six months ago. According to her, she had no doubt that sooner or later it will get a big win, which will help to pay off debts.

Despite fallen on her wealth, the winner is not going to resign. She is going to spend the money on the Caribbean cruise, and then return to continue working in the same place. The rest of the money the woman hopes to invest.

In January it was reported that the American who won the lottery a million dollars, he died three weeks after receiving the money from cancer last stage, which he did not know.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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